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Additional legislation  on the following food contact materials (beside the implemented Directives and EU regulations):

Adhesives : Additional legislation *
Coatings : No additional legislation
Ceramics : Additional legislation  (DIN standard)
Glass : Additional legislation  (DIN standard)
Enamel : Additional legislation  (DIN standard)
Metals/Alloys : No additional legislation
Cork : No additional legislation
Wood : No additional legislation
Textile : No additional legislation
Paper & Paper board : Additional legislation *
Regenerated Cellulose Film : No additional legislation
Plastics : Additional legislation *
Printing inks : No additional legislation
Silicone : Additional legislation *
Wax : Additional legislation *
Rubber : Additional legislation *
Ion-exchange resin  No additional legislation
* BfR, officially these are recommendations, but it if often treated as a legislation

The German Emphelungen (officially guidelines, often used as is legislation):
I. High Polymers Containing Plasticizers
II. Plasticizer-free polyvinyl chloride, plasticizer-free copolymers of vinyl chloride and mixtures of these polymers with other copolymers and chlorinated polyolefins containing mainly vinyl chloride in the total mixture
III. Polyethylene
V. Polystyrene Produced exclusively from the Polymerisation of Styrene
VI. Styrene Copolymers and Graft Polymers, and Mixtures of Polystyrene with other Polymers
VII. Polypropylene
IX. Colorants for Plastics and other Polymers Used in Commodities
X. Polyamides
XI. Polycarbonates and Mixtures of Polycarbonates with other Polymers or Copolymers
XII. Unsaturated Polyester Resins
XIV. Plastics Dispersions
XV. Silicones
XVI. Polyvinyl Ethers
XVII. Poly(terephthalic acid diol esters)
XX. Polyisobutylene, Isobutylene Copolymers and Mixtures of Polyisobutylene with other Polymers
XXI. Commodities based on Natural and Synthetic Rubber
XXII. Polymers Based on Esters of Acrylic and Methacrylic Acids, their Copolymers, and Mixtures of these with other Polymers
XXV. Hard Paraffins, Microcrystalline Waxes and Mixtures of these with Waxes, Resins and Plastics
XXVIII. Cross-Linked Polyurethanes as Adhesive Layers for Food Packaging Materials
XXX. Conveyor Belts Made from Gutta-Percha and Balata
XXXIII. Acetal resins
XXXIV. Vinylidene Chloride Copolymers with a Predominant Content of Polyvinylidene Chloride
XXXV. Copolymers of Ethylene, Propylene, Butylene, Vinyl Esters and Unsaturated Aliphatic Acids, and their Salts and Esters
XXXVI. Paper and board for food contact
XXXVI/1. Cooking Papers, Hot Filter Papers and Filter Layers
XXXVI/2. Paper and Paperboard for Baking Purposes
XXXVI/3. Absorber pads based on cellulosic fibres for food packing
XXXVII. Polybutene-(1)
XXXIX. Commodities Based on Polyurethanes
XLl. Linear Polyurethanes for Paper Coatings
XLII. Plasticizer-Free Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride, Plasticizer-Free Chlorinated Copolymers of Vinyl Chloride and Mixtures of these Polymers with other Copolymers
XLIII. Poly(4-methylpentene-1)
XLIV. Artificial Sausage Casings
XLVI. Cross-linked Polyethylene
XLVII. Toys Made from Plastics and other Polymers, and from Paper and Paperboard
 XLVIII. Materials for Coating the Outside of Hollow Glassware
IL. Soft Polyurethane Foams as Cushion Packaging for Fruit
L. Copolymers and Graft Polymers of Acrylonitrile
LI. Temperature Resistant Polymer Coating Systems for Frying, Cooking and Baking Utensils
LII. Fillers for Commodities Made of Plastic
LIII. Absorber pads and packagings with absorbing function, in which absorbent materials based on cross-linked polyacrylates are used, for foodstuffs

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